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Welcome to site!

Hqwalls - high quality wallpapers

list of all HQ and HD photos>>>

Main objective of given site is placing of photos, wallpapers or pictures for a desktop only with as much as possible high quality and permission!

To be more precise, at this site there are no images in less than 4 megapixels!

  • All images undertake from various unique sources, instead of is simple "copied" from similar sites on subjects if such is :)
  • It is not used "artificial wrapping" size of image!
  • All pleasant wallpapers, pictures and photos can be downloaded free of charge, but their using for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Say NO to low-quality images!

Here a bright example of pictures which here take place...

Example 1. initial image (for original viewing 6048x4032 px press a picture)Mercedes salon, wallpapers of  big size,  high permission

Increase in 100 %: picture is increased by 100 %

Example 2. initial image (press a picture for original viewing)Crimson pie, hq wallpapers of professional quality

Increase in 100 %: pie photo is increased by 100 %

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